Get rid of Bing in Firefox


Editing the registry wasn’t a permanent fix for me. Bing continued to take over my searches, even after editing the registry, so I did a little bit more digging under my network settings. I have Internet Explorer disabled, but apparently that doesn’t matter when it comes to your Internet Options. I went to the Control Panel> Network and Internet> Internet Options. Then I selected the «Programs» tabs along the top and clicked the «Manage add-ons» button under the «Manage Add-ons» section. That is where Microsoft has snuck Bing in for everyone. Click «Manage Add-ons» and go to «Search Providers» on the left-hand side. You’ll see Bing listed as your top priority search engine there in the menu on the right, overriding what you have set as your default in Firefox. It had Google set to second here, even though my settings in Firefox clearly reflect my preference for Google. Right-click Bing and click ‹Remove› to get rid of it. Then right-click on Google and select ‹Set As Default›. Restart Firefox and Bing will no longer hijack your address bar. It will begin using Google again. Hope this helps! It’s much easier than editing the registry and it worked for me.


If you want to restore the Google Search (Google search results page), it’s very EASY, just follow my directions, and make sure that you DON’T include any quotation marks that you see below, as I am just using them for clarification. My brother installed the MS Messenger and the stupid BING search engine took over my Google search engine in my Firefox’s address bar.

1. In your Firefox address bar, type «about:config»

2. Yellow warning triangle will show up on the web page, but don’t be alarmed, just click on «I’ll be careful, I promise» button

3. In the FILTER bar, (looks like your typical address bar), type in «keyword.URL»

4. Double click it and another smaller window will pop up. Replace the highlighted text with the FOLLOWING text:…

Note: If you can’t see the entire text, just right click it and choose «Copy Link Location» and then PASTE IT in the box that I mentioned above.

5. Click OK and you have your Google back as your default search engine in your Firefox browser.


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